Ring Metal Bold Heart
Ring Metal Bold Heart
Ring Metal Bold Heart
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Ring Metal Bold Heart

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It's time to Bling-bling! 

[Item Specification]


  • KR 13 (FREE) : 11 ~ 15
  • The ring might stretch, but the cubic might fall off easily. 

Material: 925 Sterling Silver, Cubic Zirconia


  • Silver
  • Yellow Gold
  • Rose Gold


[ Ring Size Conversion ]


Although our pieces of jewelry are made of high-quality material and are gold-plated, we recommend taking them off when showering or exercising so that they stay beautiful for as long as possible.

Sterling silver can become darker after a long time, but it can easily be made to shine again with a silver cloth. It is best to store your jewelry in the packaging provided.


[ Tip & Return Policy & Other Information ]

Tip & Return policy reference




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100% Made in Korea
We ONLY offer South Korean natives.

      Return Policy 

      If you are looking for REFUND Policy, please click here.


      Here below we have several scenario that might happen to you after you placed an order at amy bel Korea.


      • To cancel an order
      • Damaged on arrival
      • Faulty manufacturing or broken after use (What is your warranty)
      • They changed their mind
      • For an exchange
      • Or its a wrong product


      To cancel an order

      If you decided to cancel an order already placed at amybelkr.com , please keep in mind that you FIRST have to let us know as soon as possible when you decided to do so. You can reach us;


      Please keep in mind that once your item is dispatched and handed in delivery couriers, the process goes very difficult therefore you have two different options as in the following, either;

      • Make return process with your own charge
      • Receive Half amount voucher of what you ordered.

      The dispatch from our office to delivery couriers takes a time of 1-2 working days (not including Saturday and Sunday) therefore the quicker, the prompter order cancellation can be processed. 


      Damaged on Arrival

      Oh no.. this is one of the most horrific scenarios! 

      First, when you found your valuable amy bel Korea jewelry is arrived in damaged status, please take a visual proof that the item is not usable for your daily fashion. (We, amy bel Korea, strongly suggest to take a unboxing video so that you can become immune to any obligation or responsibility by handling the arrived package.) 

      Secondly, please send the visual proof of the damaged items to info@amybelkr.com as soon as possible. Once the damage report is accepted that the damage was occurred during the delivery, we will send you several options that you might like for the compensation. You can choose one out of the list here in below, either; 

      • Exchange the damaged items
        (in this case, return delivery at customer's charge)
      • Full refund with Gift Card


      Faulty manufacturing or broken after use
      (What is your warranty)

      amy bel Korea offers 1-year warranty to any items purchased at amybelkr.com. In this case that you claim the warranty, here below the list of proof needs to be presented by info@amybelkr.com

      • Visual proof of the date you received the item (Either a certificate of receipts or else)
      • Visual proof of the status of the broken items

      Once your report with proofs is accepted, amy bel Korea fulfills shipping your warranty items free of charge (Customers are asked to scrap their broken items).

      Please keep in mind, when the faulty symptom was discovered during your unboxing video but not reported immediately, the broken issue after use cannot be accepted. 


      If you changed your mind..

      amy bel Korea totally respect your decision and stand to fulfill your needs. Our policy for "Simply changed mind" lasts only for 7 days after receipt of the items. In this case, you have to firstly prove with visually (video clips, pictures that prove the date of your receipt). amy bel Korea also tracks all the delivery history supported by Korean national post office therefore when the mutual tracking records accord, we simply accept your decision. 

      In this case, it would be much greater for our communication when you choose one out of the options below:

      • Full Refund
        In this case, you have to send the items back packed as it was when you received(package status, plastic bag seal untorn) Once the returned item is securely arrived in our office, we then start refund process.

      • Exchange 
        Once the item you have returned is securely arrived in our office, we start the process of shipping the alternative items to you. 

      Please keep in mind that the shipping cost of the returning items has to be handled by the customers. amy bel Korea does not provide any shipping labels.


      For an exchange

      In the case of the customers ask for an exchange, amy bel Korea fulfills their demands free of charge

      • When amy bel Korea offers item exchange event
      • When the customers demand for 1-year warranty but the item is out of stock permanently

      amy bel Korea does NOT take any responsibility of taking return-shipping cost,

      • When the customers want to exchange the ordered items by "Simply mind chaged"


      When it is a wrong product

      When you discovered that the wrong items are shipped, you are simply asked to report the situation by info@amybelkr.com immediately. Once the report is arrived and accepted, amy bel Korea will send the right items to you free of charge by the same delivery method you selected during checkout. 

      In this case, customers are asked to keep the items shipped wrong. 


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