amy bel Korea handmade ring Silver Balls is placed in the white background.
amy bel Korea handmade ring Silver Balls is worn by a model.
 amy bel Korea handmade ring Silver Balls is worn by a model showing its detail.
amy bel Korea

Handmade - Silver Balls

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amy bel Korea Handmade Classic

Inspired by the nature around us, to ensure the environment that we have to protect, and especially to express our hard- and everlasting effort to secure our nature, the handmade Ring 'Silver Balls' is designed and handcrafted by the Korean female designer Helen Han, using only Sterling 925 Silver and Cultured Pearl.


What is "Cultured Pearl"?

Cultured pearls are real pearls, grown in either freshwater or saltwater. They form when an irritant is inserted into an oyster shell. Once the irritant is there, layers of nacre form over the irritant to create the pearl. The process of culturing pearls is monitored by a pearl farmer—helping to keep the animal alive and allowing for high-quality pearls to form. While culturing pearls is different from the formation of natural pearls, both kinds are real gemstones. - read more


The design of amy bel Korea's handmade items
are strictly protected by EUIPO laws


[Item Information & Material]

Sterling 925 Silver

Cultured Pearl 2.5mm

[Item Size]


Designed by Helen Han

Handmade in Korea

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